About Us

The Faculty of Economics, University of Mostar was founded in 1971 as the department of the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, and since 1976 it is an independent faculty.
The Faculty of Economics is a constituent unit of the (public) University in Mostar, that organizes and offers university and professional study at the first cycle, university study at the second cycle and postgraduate doctoral study at the third cycle. The Faculty also carries out scientific and highly professional work within the area of economics.
In accordance with the transformation process of higher education according to the principles of the Bologna declaration, the Faculty has adopted a new curriculum that is applied from the academic year 2005/2006.
Except in Mostar the classes are organized and carried out in centers in Vitez (the first and second cycle) and Orašje (the first cycle).
The Faculty of Economics, University of Mostar provides undergraduate and graduate university studies in five areas: Marketing, Management, Business Informatics, Doing Business with the EU, Accounting and Finance.
The Faculty also provides professional studies in the areas of: Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Taxes and Touristic Business. The Faculty of Economics, University in Mostar performs postgraduate doctoral study in the field of Economics and Business Economics as independent study and as joint study with the Faculty of Economics, University in Split.